Unde imi fac blog? Top speed

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E oficial, Google penalizeaza site-urile care se incarca greu sau mai bine zis acestea au sanse mai mici sa ajunga in topul rezultatelor:

Monitor your site’s performance and optimize load times. Google’s goal is to provide users with the most relevant results and a great user experience. Fast sites increase user satisfaction and improve the overall quality of the web — Google Webmaster Guidelines

Folosind site-perf.com Telecity (Amsterdam, Netherlands), am realizat un top al providerilor de bloguri gratuite dupa viteza de incarcare:

rank provider timp de incarcare
1 wblog.ro 0.3 sec
2 ablog.ro 0.72 sec
3 repetent.ro 0.83 sec
4 blogciting.com 1.17 sec
5 www.blogratuit.ro 1.95 sec
6 bloguest.com 2.2 sec
7 www.bloging.ro 3.1 sec
8 blognou.ro 3.4 sec
9 zice.ro 4.8 sec
10 haipa.ro 12.2 sec